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Since joining the excitement of the home furnishings industry, I often read the reviews that follow the regional home furnishings markets.  There are always many articles praising the manufacturers for a wonderful showing.  But there is always at least one article asking for someone to present something new and daring…something that shakes things up and starts new trends.

If you are one of those manufacturers willing to shake things up a bit, perhaps you would consider partnering with -ize on design lifestyle product design studio to help you stand out in the crowd even more.  Our surface and product designs are available for license.  For more information, please complete the form below. Please include your company name and a description of your product. We look forward to adding you to our GROWING LIST OF LICENSEES below:

Textile Republic

DENY Designs

Foreign Accents – The Contemporary Rug Source

Lamp in a Box

Modern Yardage

Solid Line Products – Keka Case – Coming Soon!

ArtsCase – Coming Soon!


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